What is the internet? by Internet Guruji

What is the internet? by Internet Guruji

Hello, Friends Welcome to Internet Guruji. Guys we all know the Internet serves the information and idea. Today, we will talk about the internet and its obvious we also talk about what is the internet? How does the internet work? How Do People connect to each other via the internet? Which devices do we use to access the internet? So friends without wasting time Lets Start with Internet Guruji.

What is the Internet? Internet Guruji

The Internet is basically a word which means inter-connected-network. So let’s know about inter-connected-network we divide it into three words. Inter means ‘among’, Connected means ‘into contact’ and Network mean ‘to exchange information between linked people’.

So now the full meaning of inter-connected-network (the internet) is exchange information between linked people or devices who/which are into contact among. So friends, now we know the definition of the internet. The internet has infinite limits in today’s world. Internet is a merged form of a public and private network. Which covers the whole world. Where the connection is established between building to the building. Then city to city and then country to country or we can say by which A smartphone user can be connected to users of Building or Organization, City and Country. Guys for an illustration check the image below and move on to our next question. and if you have any confusion so please comment below we read all comments.

What is the internet? by Internet Guruji

How does the internet work? Internet Guruji

Guys, As per the internet Guruji Now we know what is the internet? But still, we don’t know how the internet works so let’s get the start.

Guys, we all know that to access the internet we required devices that enabled internet access for example Smartphones, Tabs, Laptops, and PCs. Guys, If you want access to the internet you need to talk to your nearest Internet Service Provider(ISP). it means you don’t need to make extra efforts to access the internet you just pay money to get access to the internet.

So, Guys ISP can provide you access to the internet via a wired medium and wireless medium. In Wired medium, you can get internet access via your Telephone Line through a Dial-up(an old internet access Technology) and via a PPPoE Connection(presently most secure technology to access the internet in both wired and wireless) and can access the internet from the modem and wired Router. In Wireless medium, you can get internet access wirelessly without Cable via air and can access the internet from the wifi router and cellular tower.

How does the internet work?

So let’s see an example, Modi a boy from India. Who has a smartphone and want to chat with his friend. Who lives in the USA. His name is Trump and both friends require to turn on the cellular data. Both friends connect to the nearest tower. Those towers connected to the other towers and after that, they required the chat application to chat among. in easy words process, the information in electronic form via the internet access enabled Device. Let’s look at the illustration below everything will clear if you have any confusion you can comment. Internet Guruji read all comments.

How does the internet work?

How Do People connect to each other via the internet? Internet Guruji

Guys as per Internet Guruji now we know how the internet works.

Guys, There are many Social media Platforms by which people can be connected and can share the information Here Internet Guruji will Explain About Some Social Media Platforms we will provide you two things I think most of you know about them Social media Sites and Messengers So Let’s get the start.

Social Media Site

Guys Social Media Sites are the Social Platforms on the Internet. This allows us to create a community not only on the local level also on the Global level. Guys by these Social Platforms we can create Public or private groups. It can be a chat group or voice chat group or video chat group these sites also provide you personal chat options. personal chat can be a text chat or voice chat or video chat. These Platforms also allow us to share our thoughts in public as a news feed we can share our text, voice, video contents. There are Many Platforms available here, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, twitter, etc.

Social Media Site


Guys Messengers are also Social Platforms on the internet. Which allows us to create a community. We can create Groups and can do personal chats. Guys Chat Can be in text, voice, video. Most of the messengers are required contact details and Sender can point the Receiver, for example, Whatsapp Messanger, Wechat, Hike, Telegram, etc,


Which Devices do we use to Access the internet? Internet Guruji

Guys as per internet guruji now you know How Do People connect to each other via the internet?

Guys, there are many devices like Host devices, Network Cables, Network Router, Network Switch, NIC (Network Interface Card). So Guys Let’s Get Start.

Host Devices

Guys first of all What is Host? if you are using a device means you and your device are a host. Host Devices are Computer, Laptop, Mobiles, and Router.

Network Cables

Guys Network Cables are the Main thing cause Presently the whole internet Possible because of Cables. Presently Twisted Pair and Fibre Optics Cable is in high demand. Twisted Pair Cables used for a short distance that is 100M and we use RJ-45 Connector with it. Optical Fibre Cable is used for a Long-Distance that is 2Km and we use ST, SC, FC, MT-RJ and LC style Connectors. There is the Ultimate form of Fibre Optics which is Submarine cable and Supported Distance approx. 9,000 km.

Example of necessary Network Cables

Network Router

Guys Network Router is a smart device that can work as a host and a router. The router is a device which is used to communicate two or more network. And its also used to connect the localhosts to the internet. The router helps us to connect to the internet.

in the technical term, a router is a device that is used to transmit the data packets via the best route. so that its name is Router.

Network Router

Network Switch

Guys this device is used to connecting multiple Hosts in the same network. This is a Network device that has multiple ports.

Example of Network Switch

NIC (Network Interface Card)

Guys, This is not a device its a Circuit board with network port which is used to enable the devices to access the internet.

Example of NIC (Network Interface Card)

So Guys as per Internet Guruji Now you know What Devices Are Used to Access the internet?

Friends, so we Learn “The Internet is a merged form of a public and private network. We can access the internet by paying a little amount to the nearest ISP. People can connect with each other via Social Media Sites and Messengers. We can use a Smartphone and Computer to connect to the internet. We use Router device for internet connectivity.

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Thank you for being with us. Guys if you have any Doubt so please Comment and That full Content, not a deep analysis this is for only Non-Tech Background Only.

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