Do You Know? How Does The Internet Work? by Internet Guruji -

Do You Know? How Does The Internet Work? by Internet Guruji

How Internet works

Welcome Friend on Internet Guruji. Does everybody have a question in his mind that How Does the Internet work? Is the Internet comes from satellites? Who is the Owner of the Internet? Why do we pay for the Internet? Friend, So, I will Discuss the Internet Working in my Whole Post.

Hey So Lets Start this Journey with me Guru.

History of the Internet

Only in Simple words, It Originated From United States Of America for Research and Development Purpose. Here two country’s Researchers included the UK and France Researchers. They used it for fast communication between the American Army and other Departments. In 1990 It Launches for the whole Public. For More Details Read this Post.

How Does the Internet works?

Before we Know the Internet we should know What is Computer Network? A Network is a Group of Computers and Networking Devices connected with each other via Wireless or Wired Medium.

Friend, Many Networks which connected to each other with Public Access called the Internet. in simple words network of networks called the Internet.

Is the Internet comes from satellites?

No, the Internet cannot come from the Satelite. I know You are thinking “Why??”. So, you are right currently it’s not possible but in the future, It will possible. So, Why Currently it not possible. Friend, We know satellites are too far from earth land. We all use the Internet on Land. But Satellites transmit data in half-duplex mode. So, in Simple Words Satellites can only Send or Recieve data at a time. But, on the internet, we Require to Send or Recieve both at the same time or we can say it require Full duplex Process.

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We will Know it in deep in our future posts.

Who is the Owner of the Internet?

Actually Friend Internet has no particular Owner. Whoever Use the Internet is the Owner of the Internet. So, here are three types of Companies. Which maintains the Internet but not the owner of the internet.

So, these are : Tier 1, Tier 2 , Tier 3 Companies

Tier 1 Companies

Friend this company Connects country to country or continent to continent via using Submarine Cable. Friend, in Simple words data transmission between country to country or continent to continent is possible because of Tier 1 Company. These Companies are Responsible for Maintainance and new Submarine Cable Installations even they have responsibility for backup links. If in case any link damage through any shark or any other reason. Well, they Create a backbone network of the internet. Tier 1 companies have an agreement with Tier 2 companies.

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You can check these Tier 1 Companies by Click Here.

Submarine Cable: These cables are high-speed cables. it can carry approx. 26.2 Tbps on 4000 miles or 6437.376 km. these cables laid down into the sea. Tier 1 companies use these cable.

Tier 2 Companies

Tier 2: Friend this company is a mediator. In Simple Language, they get the Connected points on rent and offer to the Tier 3 Companies. Tier 2 Companies have a tie-up with Tier 1 companies to provide peering between country to country or continent to continent. As we know Tier 2 company is a mediator. They also have a tie-up with Tier 2 Company. Actually Tier 2 companies provide connectivity within the country by laying the cables in the ground. they use Fiber optics cables, twisted pair cables and mobile towers are also included.

you can check these Tier 2 comapnies by Click Here.

Peering: When two points are connected via a link with the purpose of transmitting or exchange the data.

Tier 3 Companies

These companies are well known for Public here are some Examples Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, etc. In simple words, Tier 3 company is your Internet Service Provider. These Tier 3 Companies have a tie-up with Tier 2 Companies. Tier 2 companies provide internet to the End-User. Actually these Companies get the IP pool from IANA(Internet Assigned Number Authority ) and distribute it to his users to provide a unique identification on the Internet.

End-User: User of Internet who generate information (data) or Query from a point or home, office, etc

IANA(Internet Assigned Number Authority): It is a standards organization that oversees global IP address allocation, autonomous system number allocation, root zone management in the Domain Name System, media types, and other Internet Protocol-related symbols and Internet numbers.

IP(Internet Protocol): It is a Address which assigned to User's Machine or device for uniquly identification on internet or Network.e.g. etc

Yes, these Companies are Responsible. So that internet work.

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Why do we pay for the Internet?

Friend Internet is totally free but we just pay Rent. Now you are thinking about why we pay Rent?? So friend, listen we just pay for maintenance and labor charges. Because Maintainance and Installations required Money but the internet is totally free.


Friend, in End of the post. Now we know the first internet introduce for the private use of the USA government. after some time it available for all. we know there are three companies include behind the internet who maintain the network cables and devices. We just pay rent for the internet and this rent is used for maintenance and for new installations. we hope you like our post if you want more posts please comment below or have any doubt then comment because Internet Guruji read all posts. Share this post with your friends on social media. Thanks

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