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What is a Computer? by Internet Guruji

What is Computer ?

Everybody Should Read This Article. So, What is Computer ? ? ?

Welcome friend, I know you are very excited πŸ˜„ to know what is a Computer. Basically, everybody knows it is a machine. But we will study about it in a little deep, not full Deep. But little deep is enough for us.

What is a Computer? πŸ€”

Actually friend I also want to start that topic with its History but I think that I can’t copy all of the other people. So, in simple words “Computer is a Machine which is used for research and development“. Now I Defined basically what is a Computer. But in technical terms “What is a Computer ?”

Friend Computer is a machine that has the ability to take Input from the user then stores it temporarily, processes the input, & takes the decision for the store it permanently or temporarily, and in last to show the output for the processed data. Again a But in Logical terms “What is a Computer ?”

Friend Computer is a machine that takes instructions from the user and can carry out them in a sequence of Arithmetic or Logical operations and processor execute them automatically and show or print the Output. Now in physical terms “What is a Computer ?”

Friend Computer is a machine that is a Collection of Hardware Device Which are Connected in a proper manner.

So Guys I told All the two definitions or terms About Computer.

A little history of Computer

Friend In starting a Computer was not a Computer. It was a Calculator which was made of Calculi (Stone pearls or clay spheres), rods and wooden frame. You can see it in the Image. Because it is invented by Abacus so its First name was Abacus.

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Friend, there are many generations of Human Life and computers also Have generations. So Friend we know basically Computer is a Calculator or an Advance Calculator and data process unit. So, firstly Abacus was introduced for fast calculations and it works without Electricity. after that Pascal and Liebniz introduce more calculators.

Pascal and Liebniz

Pascal and Liebniz
By User:Kolossos – recorded by me in de:Technische Sammlungen der Stadt Dresden
(with photo permission), CC BY-SA 3.0, Link and By Rama, CC BY-SA 3.0 fr, Link

In the mid-17th-century Mathematician, Pascal invents a Calculator with the help of some gears but that calculator only can Add Numbers and that named Adding Machine. in 1673 Liebniz improve Pascal’s Calculator now it was able to Add and Divide the numbers named and Reckoning Machine.


By Ezrdr – Own work, Public Domain, Link

But after the invention of electricity by Benjamin Franklin in the mid 17th century. In the early 19th century Colmar invents the machine which can multiply Faster that named Multiplying Machine.

Charles Babbage

By User:geni – Photo by User:geni, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link, By Bruno Barral (ByB), CC BY-SA 2.5, Link, and By Unknown author Real author of this image, Public Domain, Link

Now about Father of the Computer The Charles Babbage. in 1822 he invents the machine named Difference Engine. That can the ability to solve differential Equations. that can store the data and results in its memory.

In 1833 he did one more Invention the machine named Analytical Engine. Actually it was an Improved Version of the previous Device. Which was capable of all basic arithmetic operations and comparisons. that device was based upon a CPU, input, output, memory and allow to change values stored in memory.

But because of the lack of technology. he didn’t implement his concepts and ideas but by using his concepts Dr. Howard Aiken of Harvard University made a First Computer with IBM in 1944. but what you think I will go in deep Naaaah….πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I will tell you it, in Short, ok, Computer has Four Generation and I will tell you about major changes happen in every Generation.

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First Generation (1946-1955)

The main components were Vacuum tubes and Large in size slow processing, high Power Consumption, and not affordable for normal people. Programs made in Assembly Language.

Second Generation (1955-1965)

Vacuum tubes replaced with transistors and smaller in size used in commercial industries. FORTRAN and COBOL Programming languages Used for development of applications.

Third Generation (1965-1975)

Transistors replaced with IC (Integrated Circuit) actually an IC Contain all elements of a Circuit including Transistors in a Chip. Used in Commercial industries.

Fourth Generation (1976-1998)

IC and Microprocessor chips reduce the size of the computer which was unbelievable. microprocessor made by using VLSI (very large scale integrated circuit) technology actually it was a pack of 1,00,000 transistors in a chip.

Fifth Generation (1998 to till Now)

Currently, we know the situation we all have Computers in our Pocket. yes, mobile is a Computer.

What are the Components of Computer?

Friend that components are easy to Remember.

Computer Made of Five Components.

Input Output Devices

These devices are Compulsory for to interact the user to Computer

Input Device

Input Devices are the Devices which use to provide information or data to the computer. technically these devices are used to give instructions to the computer. Some examples of input devices are Mouse, Mic, Joystick, scanner, etc.

Output Device

Output Devices are the Devices which use to Print Processed information or data on to the computer screen. Some examples of Output devices Monitor, Printer, Speaker, etc.


Memory is a device that is used for Store the data in memory permanently or temporarily. Here are some storage devices.


RAM (Random-Access-Memory) Memory is a Volatile Memory. It stores the data but loses all the data when the Computer loses Power. not store the data permanently.


It’s a very fast memory that is limited in size. Max limit of cache size is 2 GB only. Actually it stores the instructions for the processor.

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Rom (Read Only Memory) Memory is a Non-Volatile Memory. It stores the data but its only one time writable and after written data not possible to rewrite and can only readable.

Storage Memory


Friend HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is the storage device which uses for store your data and can manage data. Its made of Aluminium Disk Platter which stores data, and has a read-write head Arm. Speed depends Upon Disk RPM (Rotation per minute) max RPM is 15000 and 7200 RPM. Read/Write speed of 255 MegaBytes per second (MBps).


Friend SSD (Solid State Drive) which use for store data and made of Semiconductor devices like IC and Transistor on PCB. Its the latest Storage Device in Market Which is Ultra-fast storage device. it can Read with the speed of 3500 MegaBytes per second (MBps) and write speed of 2500 MegaBytes per second (MBps).


The processor is a Brain of Computers which is made of two units. ALU (Arithmetic Logical Unit) and CU (Control Unit). there are two types of Processors. mainly two companies manufacture its examples are Intel and AMD.


Land Grid Array is a type of processor has No pins but its socket have Pins

For Intel Processors:- LGA 771, LGA 775, LGA 1366, LGA 1356, LGA 1156, LGA 1155, LGA 1150, LGA 1151, LGA 2011, LGA 2011-3, LGA 2066, LGA 3647.

For AMD Processor:- LGA 1207, LGA 1944, LGA 4094, LGA 4094, LGA 4094.


Pin Grid Array is a type of Processor that has a pin on the processor but its socket has holes for setting the processor in it Example.

Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Socket 370 and Socket 478.


Friend Motherboard is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Which has Sockets for connect the above Components via Cable and directly into the Socket.


It is a Container or Outer Body Which is used for Fit all the components Properly.


Friend to conclude now we know What is a Computer, History of Computer, Components of Computer. Now if you have any Doubt Please Comment and Follow us on Social Media and share this to your friends.