How to open the Control panel in Windows 10 two ways?

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So before we start you must know What is Control Panel in Windows? and What is the work of Control panel in Windows?

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What is Control Panel in Windows?

Buddy control panel is a container. It contains all the settings of Windows.

Control panel have all settings like personalization, sound, input output, storage, directory etc. and many more settings are available.

Windows 8, 8.1,10 have a new option with name settings. It’s very similar to the control panel maybe in future updates Microsoft will remove the control panel.

What is the work of the Control panel in Windows?

The Control panel required is responsible for any setting in windows. Windows has many features init So we required some settings to manage the features and options.

We use the Control panel the one place for all settings. As per requirement, we open the settings for e.g I want to provide the IP address in my windows.

So I can provide IP address using Control panel’s setting which we found in network and sharing center > change network adapter > than select the network adaptor and go to its properties and select ipv4 or ipv6 then put IP and apply and close.

About many settings, I will post in the future.

Method 1

How to Open Control Panel using Start Menu Search in Windows 10?

Step.1 Press Windows Key. After pressing key this menu will open.

Step.2 Without wasting time just type Control Panel.

Now you have Opened Control Panel.

Control Panel

For More Please check Method 2.

Method 2

How to open Control Panel using Run Command in Windows 10?

Step.1 Press Windows Key + R to open Run Command

Windows Key + R for Open Run Commands

After Pressing Windows Key + R This windows will be open.

Run Command Window

Step.2 Now Type control panel in Text field to open Control Panel.

Type control panel

Step.3 Now you Successfully opened the Control Panel in Windows 10.

Control Panel

to view all settings follow my steps.

Step.4 Now Click on Category in Control Panel.

Click on Category

Step.5 Now Click on Large Icons

Large Icons

Now use can see all settings of Control Panel.

All Control Panel Settings


So you can Open Control Panel by two more way we will discuss them in our next Post. But now you know that How can we open the Control Panel by Run Command an by Start Menu Search. If you want to know what is internet and how its work please read Our this Post. Thanks and comment you Queries We read all comments.

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