How to Start Content Building for Your Website? by Internet Guruji

Friend, welcome to our website if you are reading this it means you are on our site. So, Friend, today we will know, how to Start Content Building whether its text content, video content, image content.

I guaranteed you if you read this complete post. You will able to create content on your level. If you do practice so it will nothing for you. If your mind honking like a horn. It means this is not your Cup of tea. So, try after Some time but! don’t leave Content Building. friend as you know Content is everything if you have an online Website. It can be a blog, a Business site.

So, there are Four Major things which we have to know. So, what are these things?

  1. Content Curation
  2. Content Spinning and Building
  3. Literature Check
  4. Content Flow Analysis
Topic for content creation

Before these four steps friend first, we should have a topic or subject. Now we are ready to use the above four things.

Content Curation

Content Curation

Friend if you have a topic or subject if you are a smart guy or a good public speaker. it means that thing is not a Big Deal for you. So, if you have a topic it means you are ready for content writing.

So, move on the Second step open Google or any search engine which you use or allowed in your country.

Search your topic in search engines. Open the websites who are on number 1st position and 2nd position or on the first page. Now read the posts of these websites and check what they wrote on there site. But remember don’t write the same Content. It could be harming your site Reputation. If you will copy the content you will not Rank. So as Per Internet Guruji Content Curation is the process for collect data or information from their valid source.

Content Spinning and Building

Content Spinning and Building

Friend Content Building is the process Create your content and describe your content. When you building your content. You should write in Active voice means don’t round your dialogs. Describe your content in small blocks. Insert Content Related Images in your post.

Friend if written your content now you have to check its Uniqueness (plagiarism). You will require tools to check its Uniqueness (plagiarism). So, from where we have got the tools. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Of course, I will let you in last.

Friend if your content is not unique. So, you have to rewrite content. Now there are two ways of rewrite content. Write to yourself or use an automatic tool.

There is an example of check Plagiarism and Content rewrite. (limited in free and unlimited paid) (Unlimited free)

Literature Check

Literature Check

Friend Literature check is a process where you check Grammar and spelling mistakes of your Content. Friend, there is a big reason behind it. As you know you are a blog writer and you doing mistakes like spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes so who will believe in you. So, don’t do mistakes like spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. How can you avoid these mistakes?

If you use Grammarly this is the best tool that you can use. You can get it here.

Content Flow Analysis

Content Flow Analysis

Friends the most important part is here which will help you to attract your readers. This is the final touch for your post.

Friend this is the main format of your post.

  1. Introduction
  2. Describe
  3. Conclude
  4. Call to Action
Main Format


Friend, in this part you have to introduce. What will you describe in your post for the Content Building? or you can write a full index of topics here. Friend because your reader has the full right to know what will be in your post.


Friends in this part you have to describe whole content. Friend pls must include Value in your content and Emotions in your content. Because your reader spending his valuable time. So, you have to put Value in your content. Friend, must include Your Emotion it will create interest.


Friend, in this section you have to summarize your full content. And this section is also mattered because it helps to build trust between you and your reader.

Call to Action

Friend after all the above section now your Reader is ready and believes in you. So, now you can ask your reader for action like you can provide a link here for a purchase or for your landing page.


So, a friend in concluding first create or collect content (curation) with relevant images, value, emotion, and trust. Check Uniqueness and if the content is not 100% unique then rewrite (spin) your content. After that conclude all over the post. At last, ask your reader for action.

Friend if you have any doubt in Content Building so pls comment

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